European integration and gender equality

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Continuing activities within the project "Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina from a Women's Perspective", implemented by the Women's Association Pescanik and Women's Association of Kosovska Mitrovica for Human Rights, supported by the Foundation for Peace and Gender Equality, Kvinna till Kvinna, we organized a public dictation about the European Union and European integration, November 17th of the current year.

The guest of the meeting was the representative of the European delegation in Serbia for human rights, Ana Milenic, and the participants were a civil society organization and representatives of institutions and local administrations from the Rasina District and Kosovska Mitrovica.

Ana Milenic said that citizens in Serbia, Kosovo and the region are not well informed about the EU accession process, that officials often get confusing and contradictory information and that it is therefore very important that this process is more often spoken outside large centers.

After a public talk, training was held in Vrnjacka Banja (November 17th-19th) for activists from Rasinski and Mitrovica districts, with a focus on the position of women and the topic of gender equality in the context of European integration.

The aim of this gathering was to enable women from Serbia and Kosovo and Metohia to improve their knowledge of the European Union, get information that they do not receive from their authorities about the negotiation process and get more involved in it, to get to know each other better and to get together and clearly state that the voice of women is an indispensable part of the process of joining the European Union and the process of reconciliation.
The coaches were Danica Todorov and Andrijana Covic. Coalition PrEUgovor presented the results of monitoring of the flow and activities of the EU and Serbia negotiating process.

We watched films Kismet and Albanian women are our sisters who have encouraged us to share personal stories, emotions and thoughts and make another important step in the struggle for peace and mutual understanding.


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