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From 2016, we are implementing informative workshops and meetings with multiple discriminated women and organizations representing the rights of these women in the Rasinai district. The aim is to increase the awareness of these women and organizations about the problems of violence against women, its causes and consequences, and to whom these women can apply for support and how to exercise the right to life without violence.

So far, we have held more than twenty workshops, for example, in Stalac, Blazeva, Vlajkovci, Vlado Juric, Vitkov, for Roma women in Krusevac and Trstenik, for organizations who representing the rights of persons with disabilities, for example, the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired and the Day Care Center for Persons with disabilities, Krusevac, Association of Parents of Children with Mental Disorders in Aleksandrovac ... In September of the current year, we have started workshops for Roma women in the settlement of Panjevac, as well as for rural women in settlements Razbojna in the municipalities of Brus and Drenova, municipality of Trstenik. The total number of participants at the workshops during the past and the current year is around 300. The workshop leaders were consultants of SOS phones, as well as activists from the organizations Romani cikina, Z kao zena I kao Zupa, Caliope and Una, and the activities were organized within the Women's Network of the Rasina district, in cooperation with the mentioned and informal groups of active women in the District.


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