European integration and gender equality

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Continuing activities within the project "Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina from a Women's Perspective", implemented by the Women's Association Pescanik and Women's Association of Kosovska Mitrovica for Human Rights, supported by the Foundation for Peace and Gender Equality, Kvinna till Kvinna, we organized a public dictation about the European Union and European integration, November 17th of the current year.

Participation in the activities of other organizations

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On September 7th we were guests of the Kosovo Women's Network and participated in the talks on the policy and support of the European Union to the civil sector, primarily for women's groups.
It was concluded that the European Commission's report on progress in association and application of European standards must contain much more information and insights on the state of gender equality, the position of women and their real life in this region.European Union support for women's groups must be stronger, financially, both in terms of dealing with the topic of women's position and communication with women's groups.

Proactive community work

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From 2016, we are implementing informative workshops and meetings with multiple discriminated women and organizations representing the rights of these women in the Rasinai district. The aim is to increase the awareness of these women and organizations about the problems of violence against women, its causes and consequences, and to whom these women can apply for support and how to exercise the right to life without violence.

Raising awareness!

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During September 2017. , In street actions in Brus and Trstenik, we distributed informative material about the violence against women to citizens, the support provided by SOS services and new legal solutions to prevent this type of violence. On the World Day of Peace on September 21th, we organized a stand in protest of the shameful behavior of governments and states against people who lost everything under the slogan "Stop the war, not the refugees!".


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