The Conference Local communities against gender-based violence against women

000362 Conference VB UNTF 2016

A regional conference titled "Local communities against gender-based violence against women" was held on December 16th 2016 in Vrnjacka Spa. Women's Association Sandglass organized this conference for institutions and women's non-governmental organizations dealing with violence against women, in order to exchange practices and improve the knowledge and cooperation between all stakeholders in preventing and combating violence against women.

Stop the racism! We are all Roma people!

000361 Ul.akcija ZID

Activists of Association of women Sandglass, Network of Women of Rasina District, Women in Black and the Roma Center for Women and Children Daje protested against the wall around Roma settlement Marko Orlović on December 9th 2016 and demanded from government to remove the wall and stop racism and fascism.

Trainings on women's security in Varvarin and Cicevac

000360 Trening Varvarin Cicevac OSCE

Association of Women Sandglass and the Women's Network of Rasina District have organized training for representatives of Local Administration Varvarin and Cicevac on the implementation of the National Action Plan for UNSC Resolution 1325 at the local level, on December 7th and 8th 2016. The trainer was Biljana Maletin, expert and independent consultant for gender-sensitive policies.

Announcement regarding building a wall around Roma settlement Marko Orlovic

000358 Zid


We strongly condemn the buiding the wall around a part of the Roma settlement "Marko Orlovic" in Krusevac.

We believe that the wall is an indirect expression of discrimination and ghettoisation of members of this national community, and at the same time a manifestation of intolerance towards Roma people, who are traditionaly victims of prejudices and stereotypes.

Meeting of Network of women of Rasina District for women's rights

000356 Sastanak Mreze RO oktobar

The second time this year a meeting of Women's Network of Rasina District for women's rights was held on October 29th and 30th in Prolom spa. The meeting was organized by Association of Women W as woman, as a partner organization of the Association of Women Sandglass on the project "Local communities in Central Serbia against gender-based violence".


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